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Jon Deiss
Jon is a descendant of pre-1857 Minnesota Pioneers, and members of his family served in the 1st, 4th, 5th and 11th Regiments of Minnesota Infantry

There is absolutely no one better suited to research military records at the National Archives than Jon. His expertise on the subject of military personnel records is largely unsurpassed. He has the background and experience, the knowledge, the drive and attention to detail necessary to make a success out of any research job, no matter how challenging.

Jon found Macomb's report to the Secretary of War describing the events surrounding the wreck and scuttling of the boat over 190 years ago.

In 2005, Jon's research was instrumental to helping Submarine-Archaeologist Ken Cassavoy indentify the Brig Hunter, a War of 1812 era vessel wrecked on the shores of Lake Huron in 1816 and uncovered in 2001. The ship was captured at the Battle of Lake Erie and converted to a transport vessel used on the Great Lakes between Detroit, Michilimackinac and Buffalo. Jon found Macomb's report to the Secretary of War describing the events surrounding the wreck and scuttling of the boat over 190 years ago.

When Jim Martin, the webmaster of needed a full time research associate to assist with the reproduction of Civil War military records for his site's patrons and clients, he turned to Jon for help. This relationship has persisted for more than three years, and Jon has helped Jim's patrons at acquire copies of records from the National Archives. is perhaps the most active online Civil War discussion site. Jon's emphasis on quality reproduction and thoroughly complete research ensures that this relationship will last many more years.

When LeeAnna Keith, author of the Colfax Massacre (Oxford U Press) needed someone to assist in the research for her book, she found Jon's services most useful. Jon reviewed the records of members of the United States Colored Troops and produced copies of the military service records of key figures in the early Civil Rights battles during the Reconstruction period, among others things.

Jon's father, William Deiss was an Archivist at the Smithsonian Institution Archives.

Jon is a major contributor of data to a number of Civil War websites dedicated to famous regiments. These sites run by reenactors, enthusiasts, arm-chair generals, and collectors profile a number of the war's more colorful units. Jon is most proud of the work he done which has assisted the webmasters and compilers of and the site of Minnesota's super-collector Wayne Jorgenson at Wayne and Jon share a deep interest in the history of the 1st Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. Wayne is undoubtedly the possessor of one of the world's largest private collection of Minnesota Civil War militaria. Jon is a descendant of pre-1857 Minnesota Pioneers, and members of his family served in the 1st, 4th, 5th and 11th Regiments of Minnesota Infantry, as well as in the Sioux Campaigns during the Civil War, so he has made sure to be especially cognizant of Minnesota's unique contribution.

Institutions, historical societies, archives, and libraries where Jon has done research:


Windham Free Library - Windham Centre, Windham County, Connecticut


DC City Deeds Office - Washington, DC
DC City Office of Vital Records - Washington, DC
Library of Congress - Washington, DC
National Archives & Records Administration (NARA-A1) - Washington, DC
National Gallery of Art - East Wing, Washington, DC
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution - Continental Hall, Washington, DC
Smithsonian Institution - Arts & Industries Bldg., Washington, DC
Society of the Cincinnati - Anderson House, Washington, DC


Chicago Historical Society - Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
McKendree College - Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois
Belleville City Library - Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois


Kansas Historical Society - Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas


Maryland State Archives - Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Antietam National Battlefield Park - Washington County, Maryland
National Archives & Records Administration (NARA-A2) - College Park, Prince Georges County, Maryland


National Personnel Records Center (NARA-NPRC) - Overland, St. Louis County, Missouri
Missouri Historical Society - Forest Park, St. Louis County, Missouri


Firelands Historical Society - Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio


Pennsylvania City Archives - Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Historical Society - Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
U.S. Army Military History Institute - Carlisle Barracks, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Gettysburg National Battlefield Park - Adams County, Pennsylvania


Arlington National Cemetery - City of Arlington, Virginia

Jon's experience researching Civil War soldiers is vast. He has "pulled" Compiled Military Service Records, medical and pension files for soldiers in many units of Union and Confederate Volunteers and papers for soldiers in the Regular Army as well as sailors in the regular Navy and Marines. He has a great deal of experience in researching the records of the following Civil War units - 1st Regiment Louisiana Native Guards (New Orleans, CSA), 9th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 51st Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, 4th Regiment Michigan Infantry, 1st Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, 4th Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, 11th Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, 11th Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry, and the 16th Regiment Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, among others.

Has experience with these Union Volunteer records:

1st Arkansas Cavalry
1st Arkansas Infantry
2nd Arkansas Cavalry
1st California Cavalry
12th Connecticut Infantry
17th Connecticut Infantry
8th Delaware Infantry
6th District of Columbia Infantry
7th District of Columbia Infantry
1st Illinois Light Artillery
4th Illinois Cavalry
5th Illinois Cavalry
7th Illinois Infantry
8th Illinois Infantry
8th Illinois Cavalry
9th Illinois Cavalry
11th Illinois Infantry
12th New York Heavy Artillery
17th Illinois Infantry
30th Illinois Infantry
34th Illinois Infantry
48th Illinois Infantry
77th Illinois Infantry
99th Illinois Infantry
105th Illinois Infantry
106th Illinois Infantry
111th Illinois Infantry
129th Illinois Infantry
130th Illinois Infantry
1st Indiana Heavy Artillery
3rd Indiana Cavalry
4th Indiana Cavalry
7th Indiana Infantry
8th Indiana Infantry
9th Indiana Cavalry
9th Indiana Infantry
10th Indiana Infantry
12th Indiana Cavalry
13th Indiana Infantry
17th Indiana Infantry
18th Indiana Infantry
19th Indiana Infantry
22nd Indiana Infantry
23rd Indiana Infantry
24th Indiana Infantry
27th Indiana Infantry
33rd Indiana Infantry
38th Indiana Infantry
45th Indiana Infantry
49th Indiana Infantry
50th Indiana Infantry
53rd Indiana Infantry
54th Indiana Infantry
55th Indiana Infantry
65th Indiana Infantry
69th Indiana Infantry
72nd Indiana Infantry
73rd Indiana Infantry
79th Indiana Infantry
85th Indiana Infantry
88th Indiana Infantry
93rd Indiana Infantry
120th Indiana Infantry
128th Indiana Infantry
132nd Indiana Infantry
137th Indiana Infantry
140th Indiana Infantry
146th Indiana Infantry
158th Indiana Infantry
159th Indiana Infantry
2nd Indian Home Guards
1st Iowa Cavalry
2nd Iowa Cavalry
4th Iowa Cavalry
12th Iowa Infantry
22nd Iowa Infantry
34th Iowa Infantry
1st Kansas Infantry
9th Kansas Infantry
10th Kansas Infantry
15th Kansas Cavalry
16th Kansas Cavalry
4th Kentucky Infantry
5th Kentucky Cavalry
7th Kentucky Cavalry
30th Kentucky Infantry
1st Maine Cavalry
27th Maine Infantry
29th Maine Infantry
1st Maryland Infantry
6th Maryland Infantry
8th Maryland Infantry
Purnells Maryland Legion
2nd Massachusetts Sharpshooters
9th Massachusetts Light Artillery
22nd Massachusetts Infantry
32nd Massachusetts Infantry
37th Massachusetts Infantry
1st Michigan Light Artillery
2nd Michigan Cavalry
4th Michigan Infantry
5th Michigan Cavalry
6th Michigan Infantry
10th Michigan Infantry
15th Michigan Infantry
1st Minnesota Infantry
1st Minnesota Cavalry
1st Minnesota Heavy Artillery
2nd Minnesota Infantry
2nd Minnesota Cavalry
3rd Minnesota Infantry
4th Minnesota Infantry
5th Minnesota Infantry
6th Minnesota Infantry
7th Minnesota Infantry
1st Missouri North East Home Guards
1st Missouri Cavalry
2nd Missouri Cavalry
2nd Missouri State Militia Cavalry
2nd Missouri Light Artillery
6th Missouri Infantry
8th Missouri Cavalry
9th Missouri Cavalry
10th Missouri Cavalry
14th Missouri State Militia cavalry
15th Missouri Cavalry
29th Missouri Enrolled Militia
39th Missouri Infantry
40th Missouri Infantry
43rd Missouri Enrolled Militia
45th Missouri Enrolled Militia
73rd Missouri Enrolled Militia
76th Missouri Enrolled Militia
2nd Nebraska Cavalry
26th New Jersey Infantry
1st New Mexico Cavalry
1st New York Engineers
1st New York Cavalry
2nd New York Cavalry
4th New York Infantry
9th New York Cavalry
10th New York Infantry
11th New York Cavalry
13th New York Infantry
15th New York Cavalry
20th New York Light Artillery
22nd New York Infantry
23rd New York Infantry
27th New York Light Artillery
40th New York Infantry
45th New York Infantry
47th New York Infantry
51st New York Infantry
71st New York Infantry
75th New York Infantry
76th New York Infantry
90th New York Infantry
98th New York Infantry
109th New York Infantry
115th New York Infantry
118th New York Infantry
125th New York Infantry
147th New York Infantry
156th New York Infantry
1st Ohio Battery Light Artillery
2nd Ohio Cavalry
5th Ohio Infantry
6th Ohio Infantry
7th Ohio Infantry
8th Ohio Infantry
9th Ohio Cavalry
10th Ohio Cavalry
11th Ohio Battery Light Artillery
12th Ohio Cavalry
15th Ohio Infantry
18th Ohio Infantry
21st Ohio Infantry
48th Ohio Infantry
71st Ohio Infantry
82nd Ohio Infantry
95th Ohio Infantry
101st Ohio Infantry
105th Ohio Infantry
125th Ohio Infantry
146th Ohio Infantry
166th Ohio Infantry
1st Pennsylvania Infantry
2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry
3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
14th Pennsylvania Infantry
17th Pennsylvania Infantry
22nd Pennsylvania Infantry
23rd Pennsylvania Infantry
26th Pennsylvania Infantry
46th Pennsylvania Infantry
57th Pennsylvania Infantry
61st Pennsylvania Infantry
74th Pennsylvania Infantry
101st Pennsylvania Infantry
110th Pennsylvania Infantry
116th Pennsylvania Infantry
119th Pennsylvania Infantry
131st Pennsylvania Infantry
150th Pennsylvania Infantry
168th Pennsylvania Infantry
191st Pennsylvania Infantry
6th Tennessee Cavalry
9th Tennessee Infantry
24th US Colored Infantry
30th US Colored Infantry
71st US Colored Infantry
128th US Colored Infantry
2nd US Sharpshooters
7th US Veteran Volunteers
9th US Veteran Volunteers
1st US Veteran Reserve Corp
2nd US Veteran Reserve Corp
6th US Veteran Reserve Corp
15th US Veteran Reserve Corp
2nd Vermont Infantry
1st West Virginia Infantry
1st West Virginia Cavalry
3rd West Virginia Cavalry
4th West Virginia Infantry
5th West Virginia Infantry
7th West Virginia Infantry
13th West Virginia Infantry
17th West Virginia Infantry
1st Wisconsin Cavalry
2nd Wisconsin Infantry
3rd Wisconsin Cavalry
4th Wisconsin Cavalry
6th Wisconsin Infantry
8th Wisconsin Infantry
13th Wisconsin Infantry
14th Wisconsin Infantry
21st Wisconsin Infantry
26th Wisconsin Infantry
32nd Wisconsin Infantry
46th Wisconsin Infantry

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